ARDEX Help Nottingham Train Station Redevelopment get back on the 'Fast Track'

Friday, August 08, 2014

Nottingham Train Station has benefitted from a £150 million investment to position Nottingham as the transport hub for the East Midlands. The multi-million pound project has succeeded in improving reliability, reducing train delays, and has created the capacity to cope with the increasing number of passengers coming through the station every day.

Significant changes made to the station include; a modernised station entrance, new ticket office, revamped First Class Lounge, a newly-installed platform and canopy to help provide flexibility around the station and deliver more reliable train services, as well as a full refit of surrounding cafés and shops.

The appointed sub-contractor on the refit of all station floors and platforms was DMC Contracts Ltd, a provider of multi-disciplinary services, combining design, installation, product integration and interface management for projects across a variety of market sectors.

Conor McCann, Director of DMC Contracts based in Essex, says: “This project was particularly challenging as we were required to manage a complete refurbishment of the existing station whilst also ensuring it remained live and functional throughout the build. It was important that this project was completed in as short a time frame as possible, but the schedule was extremely demanding and we needed products to suit. This is where I specified that ARDEX be bought in; I knew its fast-track solutions would help us to get this project completed on time”

Paul Forrester, Business Development Manager at ARDEX UK explains: “We have previously worked with DMC Contracts on a number of high profile Network Rail and London Underground projects, including Embankment Station, Merseyside and Kings Cross Station. Their team is very familiar with ARDEX’s products, and in this particular instance it was the benefits of our rapid drying screeds and adhesives that was urgently needed to complete the project on time. Specific products can receive floorcoverings and footfall within a matter of hours; providing a significant reduction in work time than if more traditional products were used.”

ARDEX products specified for use on the redevelopment of the Nottingham Train Station, included:

  • ARDEX A 38 – a special cement for producing a rapid setting, rapid hardening and rapid drying floor screed. This particular ARDEX product was specified due to its fast drying speed, as well as its ability to receive tiles only 4 hours after application, allowing work to progress at a faster pace than if an ordinary cement were used.

  • ARDITEX NA - An Ultra-Rapid Hardening Latex Subfloor Levelling and Smoothing Compound. It reduces the need for intensive preparation and priming, saving the contractors working on the project crucial time. It is able to receive floorcoverings after only 4 hours, and is suitable for use over most old adhesive residues, this is essential for projects like the Nottingham train station as the existing residues could have been in place for many years.

  • ARDEX DPM 1 C – A One Coat Damp Proof Membrane and Residual Moisture Suppressant. It crucially protects the floorcovering installation from residual construction moisture and ground water vapour. ARDEX DPM 1 C also allows for the early laying of all floorcoverings when used with ARDEX smoothing and levelling compounds, saving crucial working time.

  • ARDEX S 21 – A Rapid Hardening Pourable Bedding Mortar for tiles in internal and external locations. It is ideal for the tight schedule of the Nottingham train station project as tiles bedded in ARDEX S 21 can be grouted and walked on after only 3 hours.

  • ARDEX FLEX-FL – A Rapid Setting Tile Grout that can receive foot traffic in only 90 minutes and is weather resistant and unaffected by water, ideal for those environments in which it has to endure all weather conditions.

Conor explains: “The main benefits we experienced as a result of using ARDEX were the rapid curing time and strength of the finished product. This meant that work could continue at a much faster rate as tiles could be laid and surfaces walked on only a short time after work was completed on it. The premium quality of the products has also helped to ensure this project was successful, as they require zero maintenance after application and are built to withstand and perform under the demanding conditions of a busy train station.”

“We encourage the use of ARDEX products on all our contracts because of their premium quality and rapid curing times, as well as the excellent technical support received by the ARDEX team,” concluded Conor.